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It’s always great to get insight from an experienced affiliate, and as you know from past Builderall All-Stars, there are many to learn from. This week’s Builderall All-star has been with Builderall since the beginning, when it first launched in JvZoo back in 2017.  

Jean joined Builderall to help save $300 plus a month in spending, which was money spent on just a funnel builder. Thanks to Builderall, it helped him build funnels and systems for his main networking marketing business. 

Collectively, with Jean’s commissions earned from Builderall’s affiliate program along with Jean’s networking marketing/MLM business, his success has led him to earn a six-figure income.

Jean is one of our Builderall Leaders, and when he’s not focusing on growing his business, he’s likely in a Facebook Group hosting a LIVE. Here is where he shares his passion as well as knowledge to help people like you and I start or grow our business.Please, join Jean inside his Builderall Network Marketing/Digital Marketing group today and learn how to master the digital marketing tools you need to help achieve success.  

I asked Jean, if he could offer two pieces of advice to new affiliates, what would they be?

Here is what he shared….

Advice 1: “When you are learning from gurus or watching training videos on YouTube, remember you might be watching that trainer’s Chapter 20, but yet your knowledge is yet on the level of just the “Introduction”. So know that you can’t expect to have results the next day or sometimes even months. So be patient. Give yourself a chance to go through the chapters of the entire learning process.”

Advice 2: “You need to understand that you should do what your leaders in your business say but not what they do. They will tell you to focus on one business, product, or training but you see they are all running multiple businesses. So know that they can probably run these multiple businesses because they have already reached the level of success they wanted in their businesses and are now looking to expand.”

So remember the saying, “Do as i say, not as I do”

Thank you so much Jean for sharing your story as well as all of the great knowledge you share. 

To your continued growth and success, 

The Builderall Team

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