The 5 Powerful Builderall Pricing Plans Review

Builderall Pricing

In this article I’m gonna be sharing with you the newest Builderall Plans, what’s the pricing, How the compensation plan change. But before getting to the topic is this is the very first time you’re in my blog, please go ahead and share this post in social media. I’m updating my blog pretty consistently and I usually talk about how to use Builderall to grow your business online, or to make money online passive income lead generation and traffic services and related topics.

I’m gonna be talking about Builderall, the pricing and plans.

How the compensation plan works, does it change what’s changed ?

Just in case that you don’t know what Builderall : It is an all-in-one marketing solution, so that means, that if you’re doing drop shipping, but they’ll work for you if you were doing affiliate marketing, CPA, you’re selling your own product or own service.
It doesn’t matter what side of online business you have, Builderall it’s for you. Because if you have all the tools that you need, if you need a warrant installation you can do it on Builderall.

If you need to do email marketing, you can do it on Builderall. If you want to create landing pages chatbots you can do all on Builderall. They have more than 30 tools, so they have all the tools you will ever need to quickly and easily grow your business online.

The very first thing that they change is the fact that now they are offering a 14 days free trial no credit card required. It previously was seven day free trial, now they are giving you 14 days free trial. They do have a new website builder that it’s called the Cheetah Builder. It is actually really easy, really simple to create websites on this drag-and-drop revolutionary tool.

And you just need to create the desktop version and the mobile version is gonna be there. I don’t know how they did it, but it’s like magic, previously they use you have the pixel perfect which is what’s great you need to drag and drop it but you need to recreate the pages several times for mobile.

Now you just need to create it once and it’s gonna be there, it’s it’s really fast. To be honest it’s actually really fast and as I told you they do have more than 30 tools that you have more than the cheetah builder. Did you want a membership areas, so if you want to teach something online and you want to have a membership area, if you want to create a blog, if you want to create your own product and you want to have affiliates, you are gonna have an affiliate sales control or affiliate central.

If you want to do a/b testing, if you want to share your funnels, if you want to do email marketing SSL. It’s really a powerful tool.

Now let me talk about Builderall Pricing and his plans. Because they have changed these monthly plans.

1. The first one, it’s the Free Plan :

The free plan is ideal if you don’t have a domain. You cannot commit a domain, you’re gonna have a subdomain which is gonna be your you are not gonna have any leads, that means, that you don’t have the opportunity to do email marketing or all the supports. It’s be a ticket but you are gonna have a powerful tool which is this cheetah builder.

Actually this is the only tool that you’re gonna have so you’re gonna be able to create landing pages, funnels, membership areas you are gonna be able to create your own you know I feel it’s central and basically that’s it but it’s actually free. So if you want to be really serious about this,

2. I suggest you to go with the Builder Plan.

Which is the Builderall basic plan, because you can create and connect your own can have your own domain : your name company dot com. So it’s a way to look more professional, and you can have up to 100 leads so you can do email marketing.

Also you’re gonna have an SSL certificate, you can do email marketing, you’re gonna have a CDN servers.that means that your website is gonna be even faster. They do daily backups, so you don’t have to worry something happen and they do have a protection of the video the DOS attacks. The price is $19,90.

3. The third plan, it’s called the Marketer Plan

If you ask me like : hey you know with which plan do I show consider starting, I will suggest you to go at least with this one ( Marketer Plan). Because it gives you the opportunity to connect five domains, but the most important thing is that you can connect or you can have up to 5,000 leads, and believe if you have put 5,000 leads, you’re gonna be making sales online.

If you compare these with a regular autoresponder, you’re gonna be paying way more than $29,90 per month.
Just for five thousand leads you might be paying maybe forty nine dollars just for the email marketing tool, and even more.

What else do you have besides all the tools that I told you, well you’re gonna have a CRM which is a customer relationship management tool, so that means that if you have a business, in which you need to know on which stage your customer is maybe she or she is just a lead, that they just know about your product, or this is a customer that you’re about to close.

Do you need to know on which day they do have, so you can do that perfect follow-up, you can send messages automatically on telegram, and you can have the SMS messaging.

4.Then we have the Essential Package Plan $49,90

On this package you’re going to be able to connect 10 domains, and you’re gonna have 15000 leads, and something that I forgot to mention using the fact that when you’re paying builderall, you’re gonna receive support not only on ticket but chat, and they are 24/7.

They are really helpful. I can tell you by experience.
The pricing of this plan is $49 ninety per month, and you’re gonna have everything that I mentioned plus the opportunity to create professional messenger chat BOTS. You’re gonna have a professional website, but so that means that this is a part that interact in your website I recently test this feature at the VA I was like why will I like this : hey if this EPS chat dad well this is a chat but that is actually but gonna be closing sales for you directly on your website.

If you don’t have a Chat support, this is the best thing ever especially if you are a freelancer so you don’t need to be there 24/7, new customers can be from anywhere so it’s gonna be answering people’s questions. It’s gonna be interacting with people this is really great. I recently experienced with this chat but and you have the opportunity to install WordPress on Builderall.

Yes you’re gonna have the opportunity to build your websites your blogs your e-commerce or if you feel very comfortable using WordPress, which is great for SEO and you’re gonna have the opportunity to create really simple and good-looking landing page.

And what I mean when simple it’s in a really simple way you know by tracking dropping and you have the email marketing tool.

5.The Premium Package Plan : $69,90

This is the one that I have you can connect 15 domains you’re gonna have unlimited leads, yes I say unlimited so that means, that it doesn’t matter how many contacts you have on your autoresponder. You can start sending them. You know information the price is $69,90 ,and besides everything that we mentioned you are gonna have the opportunity to create a magazine, yes they do have a magazine builder.

If you have a blog or if you are thinking like what else you can do to monetize this is it you are gonna have this feature or the webinar tool. You’re gonna have the opportunity to do live streams because they do have a live stream tool YouTube that works on Facebook on YouTube.

You’re gonna have an e-learning platform, a directory builder and you can give access to a BA so this is a really really great tool, and you you don’t you have a price that it’s actually gonna fit your budget. Premium Plan is the ultimum.

Bonus Builderall Plan : It’s the Affiliate Compensation Plan

What do they change ? Let me show you here really quick now.
In order to become an affiliate is 100% free. You don’t need to pay anything and you’re gonna be able to promote Builderall.

Previously you need to pay like fifty dollars per year but now, it’s 100% free here. You can see some testimonials this is a two-tier system so that means that the compensation plan worked like this : let’s say that you refer someone.

I really interesting about builderall so I joined with your link and hey guess what, you’re gonna earn 100 percent the commission, as long as a state using the platform you’re gonna get paid thirty percent of the commission.

And if I refer someone you’re gonna get paid thirty percent as well so it’s a two-tier system right. By the way, if you want to test builderall, you can using the 14-day free trial or using the free trial and then the live and link below.

What’s the difference between the free trial and the 14-day free trial?

Well the difference is that on the 14-day free trial you’re gonna be testing the premium package. If you want to have an idea of all the tools right you’re gonna join here on the 14-day free trial, and you’re gonna be here in the premium package.

Remember that the free plan it’s just limited so you are not gonna have the opportunity to test all the tools. So you can join builderall free, test it and you can join the affiliate marketing to promote builderall for free.

But I have to tell you that my bonus is they are just for paid members.
Right now I’m not offering bonuses for free members but let me give you an idea of the potential of how much money you can make.

Let’s say that you decide to join builderall, alright and right now you’re gonna be promoting to 12 people, that’s mean an average is one person per month all of them are gonna see the potential and they’re gonna be you builderall well right and on average they you know promote build roll and they bring 12 people on average.

Your monthly income will be three thousand a hundred and twenty dollars, just for sharing this amazing tool with someone and he or she understand the potential of the $69,90 plan.

Really powerful I know the changes the first one it’s the fact that you’re gonna have the opportunity to test it for 14 days for free you can see you know the plans for free and up to sixty nine ninety per month and a really powerful affiliate program that you can now join for free.

If you want to check out I’m going to leave the link below so if you have some comments some questions about this please leave it in the comment area and I’d be more than happy to answer them.

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